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The Bankruptcy LawTrove
The Bankruptcy LawTrove (f/k/a The Bankruptcy Lawfinder), was selected by Point as Top 5% of the Web and awarded the July, 1996, Lunar Law Links Award. FindLaw and many other services link to The Bankruptcy LawTrove. The Bankruptcy LawTrove has been featured in articles in the Norton Bankruptcy Law Advisor, Mass. High Tech and other newsletters and periodicals.
The Massachusetts Corporate LawTrove
The Massachusetts Corporate LawTrove serves as a resource for professionals, and helps entrepreneurs and business executives to learn about setting up and maintaining Massachusetts corporations.
The Real Estate LawTrove
The Real Estate LawTrove serves as a valuable resource for owners, lessees, developers, and buyers of real estate, especially in Massachusetts.
The Trademark & Domain Name LawTrove
LexNotes, FindLaw and many other services, all link to The Trademark & Domain Name LawTrove. This LawTrove serves as a valuable Internet resource for trademark and domain name professionals and also for business executives seeking legal protection for their brands.