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Consumer books - books to help individuals understand the bankruptcy process:

Except where indicated, these books have not been reviewed by The Bankruptcy LawTrove. These books can be purchased on-line through by clicking on the title.
The Bankruptcy Kit
by John Ventura
Paperback Price: $15.96 (7/1/97)
Publication date: January 1996
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Repay Your Debts (3rd Ed.)
by Robin Leonard
Paperback Price: $23.96 (7/19/99)
Publication date: February, 1998
How to File Your Own Bankruptcy (with forms), 4th Edition
by Edward A. Haman
Paperback Price: $15.96 (7/19/99)
Publication date: October 1997
Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, 3rd Ed.
by Paula Langguth Ryan Paperback Price: $15.95 (from 4/19/02)