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Starting and Incorporating your Own Business

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Inc. Yourself
Information on self-incorporation--in print continuously since 1977.
Author: Judith H. McQuown
Price: $11.17
Published: Broadway Books, 9th Ed. Feb. 2000

Incorporate Your Business
A 50-State Legal Guide
Author: Anthony Mancuso
Published: Nolo Press, January 2004

Incorporating Your Business for Dummies
Guide for average reader on how to protect personal assets, save taxes, etc.
Author: The Company Corporation
Price: $15.39
Published: For Dummies; March 2001

The One Page Business Plan
A guide to writing one's own business plan.
Authors: James T. Horan, Jr. & Rebecca S. Shaw
List Price:$22
Publication Date: January 2001

What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business
Advice from more than 100 entrepreneurs.
Author: Jan Norman
Publication Date: January 1999

Working for Yourself: Law and Taxes for Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Consultants
An introduction to the laws governing and taxation of consultants and freelancers.
Author: Stephen Fishman
Publication Date: August 2002